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Producers of Premium South African Craft Beer, Gin and Vodka.

Swagga is about representing yourself in a way that commands respect in everything you do, including the way you drink Swagga.

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Three friends, who love beer, once said “we never want to run out of beer again”, therefore they decided to make their own! As a result, Swagga Breweries was born one Saturday morning in March 2013. They will certainly never run out of beer again, but most importantly, you too, can now enjoy the brewtiful experience that Swagga Breweries has to offer. We are passionate about beer, and as a result of that passion, it has led to our beers being sought after. Our brewers, brew our beers using the finest ingredients, which has certainly placed our beers in the premium segment of the market. Designed to be truly drinkable session craft beers. Since the launch of our delectable range of palatable beers, we have expanded our craft range even further by offering gin and vodka. As a result, there is a Swagga for each occasion and for each preference.

To see our full range with their tasting notes, follow each of the links below to find your Swag:

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Enjoy Responsibly. Do Not Drink & Drive. Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18